Copycat Recipes and McDonalds

I understand that there is a market for recipes that replicate dishes found at corporate restaurants across the country, but even I’m a bit astounded at the depth of obsession that this site shows for copying McDonalds recipes.

As evidence of this obsession is this bit on pickles for the hamburger:

McDonald’s® pickle slices are unique in flavor, very sour dills. The only product I know of that comes close to the distinctive flavor is HEINZ Genuine Dills. (original sour dill.) But they don’t come in slices, so slice your own VERY thin. I can’t do it very well with a knife, so I use a K-tel “dial-a-slice” home vegetable slicer. ALSO….Vlasic “original” dills have that tart flavor. Make sure they’re not “kosher” dills. Wal-Mart® carries Vlasic ORIGINAL dills, and you have to slice those too. (****note, these pickles are pretty small, so slice at an angle….you’ll get bigger dill chips.) USE THESE PICKLES ON ALL McDONALD’S® HAMBURGERS!

I’m actually astounded that there is a group of people who are keen on copying the special sauce recipe for the Big Mac, an egg McMuffin, or a Fillet o’ Fish. I’m not sure to be horrified or bemused.

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