Corn and Scallions for Breakfast

My roommate and I share this odd habit of going to the grocery store and not actually buying anything to eat. Sure, we stock up on staples like pasta, canned beans and corn, yogurt and frozen veggies, but when it comes time to actually make breakfast in the morning (or even dinner on some nights), we end up staring into the fridge, wondering how it is that we both went to the store, and neither one of us has anything to eat.

This tends to mean that when it’s time to make breakfast, I end up making something suitable for lunch. One of my standbys is cooking a pot of pasta, cracking an egg into it, adding salt and pepper, and having something akin to a vegetarian carbonara. Other times, I’ll throw together this corn dish, which is essentially the Corn and Scallion Pasta I posted about a few days ago, but without the pasta and with one of my fancy whole cayenne peppers thrown in.

I’m always embarassed when other people catch me eating potatoes or Top Ramen for breakfast, but I’ve gotten used to the routine. My morning yogurt has moved to become my afternoon snack, and, for now at least, I’m eating lunch at breakfasttime.