A couple of weeks ago, I went to Minnesota for the first time. I had never been to the Midwest, but one of my best friends was getting married, and so I headed out to Minneapolis and hung out for a week.

Every region in the States seems to have its own chains. Pharmacies vary from Walgreens to CVS to Duane Reade to Rite-Aid, supermarkets can be Cub, A and P, King Kullen. Fast food is the same way. I know no one aside from people who have been to upstate New York who has ever been to a Roy Rodgers. Tim Hortons is reserved to Canada and those states close to it. For Midwesterners, the place of choice is Culver’s.

Culver’s is famous for its butter burger (a burger fried up in real butter) and its frozen custard: one of my best friends from high school swore by Culver’s frozen custard and claimed it was better than any ice cream she’d ever had.

I can’t vouch for any of these things, but I can say that they sell an amazing alternative to mozzarella sticks: deep fried cheese curds.

Yep, those little orange and white balls that sometimes appear atop poutine and that I received once as a gift from the same aforementioned Wisconsin buddy are coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried to create the perfect snack. Much better than french fries, in my humble opinion.

If you ever find yourself near a Culver’s, I recommend checking these out. Does anyone else have any regional fast food joints that make something ten times better than what the local McDonald’s and Burger King offer?

Tomato Kumato