Dear Kraft…Um…about your guacamole

Dear Kraft,

I realize that not many people can read or write the Aztecan language of Nahuatl. But it’s worth remembering that the term ‘guacamole’ comes from that historic language.

And if you dig just a bit deeper, you can find out that ‘guacamole’ is a hybridization of the Nahuatl term AhuacamOlli/ahuaca-mulli, which literally translates to avocado (Ahuacatl) sauce (mole/mulli).

So yeah, when you don’t put avocados in our avocoado sauce, you’re bound to tick off a few of us, not to mention it makes you look a tad bit uncaring because you’re not really following the spirit of the consumer trust, even though you’re following the letter of the law.

Oh, and just because other companies do it doesn’t mean you have to. If Mission Brands jumped off a bridge, would you jump off as well?

Just thought you should know.



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