Dear United Press International, About Rachael Ray…

From the UPI:

WILMINGTON, Ohio, Nov. 8 (UPI) — Celebrity TV chef Rachael Ray said she paired with singer Nick Lachey to refit a soup kitchen in the struggling city of Wilmington, Ohio, a makeover.

Look, I do think it’s great that Rachael Ray are doing their part to help a town of which I have some familiarity. So it makes my criticism here seem all that more shallow. But it’s a criticism that must be stated.

Unless Rachael Ray has worked in the back of a kitchen at a restaurant, she is not, nor never has been, a chef. Such careless wording of titles is a tad bit of an insult to those who actually have put in eighteen-hour days overseeing the operation of a restaurant’s kitchen.

I realize this is a small point, but it is one that needs to be made, apparently repeatedly.