Delicious Turkish Delights at Seattle’s Pike Place Market

My first post-college destination, thanks to my first post-college job offer, was the beautiful Emerald City. Seattle, that is. Overlooking the waters of Elliott Bay, I had the marvelous opportunity to work for a company located downtown, mere blocks from the infamous Pike Place Market. Every chance I got – before work, during breaks, after work – I would venture down to the market to peruse the fresh produce, the fish displays, the colorful flowers. Not to mention the incredible people watching!

During one of our lunch adventures, my dearest co-workers, Anna and Bob, introduced me to a small, unobtrusive restaurant located near the end of Pike Place named Turkish Delight. Featuring delectable pita sandwiches piled high with meat and veggies, and sheet pans full of freshly made pistachio baklava, Turkish Delight quickly became my lunch spot of choice.

During my recent weekend visit to Seattle, I was thrilled to see that Turkish Delight is still in the same spot, and still serving their tasty döner kebab sandwiches. At just under $20 for a pita sandwich and two pieces of baklava, it may not be the most affordable pick for lunch, but the splurge is well worth it – not to mention supporting a wonderful, local business! With the biggest, yummiest pita sandwiches around, you won’t want to share. Be sure to bring cash, though. This is a credit card-free zone!

Turkish Delight
1930 Pike Place
Seattle, Washington 98101

Turkish Delight, Seattle