Digital Dish has been released!

Typically I don’t ask y’all to go to the ads, because I figure you don’t need me pimpin products when they are right there on the right side of the screen (I will note that the absinthe ad, however, is very cool I find… if your into that kinda thing. If you’re not into that kinda thing, there’s always the chooclates ad).


Anyway, I don’t typically hawk products, but I will make an exception in this one instance. Why?


…A) I’m in the book, having two or three of my essays from last year in them.


…1) Owen has worked awfully hard to get the darn thing out the door, and he could use the press in order to break even on the thing.

So, Go buy “Digital Dish, The Freshest Writing and Recipes from Food Blogs Around the World“. It’s the end result of a lot of work from Owen Linderholm, and only a little bit of work on my part. It’s a collection of the best food blog writing from 2004, of which I was mistakenly put in (I mean come on! Look how atrocious my grammar is! And my overuse of parentheticals and ellipses…sheesh, I’m a horrid writer)

Go, buy the book, and make Owen a lot of money (and me as well, only not as much).

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