Digital Dish Redux

I just wanted to touch base with you guys once again, to let you know that Digital Dish is still on sale, but copies of the book may not be available in the near future.

Owen of Press for Change, the publisher of the book has let me know he’s still taking orders for the book, so if you want your copy, now is the time to hop on the ol’ bandwagon.

To purchase the book, you can click on the links located on the left column (in the Bibilography section), or you can got to, or you can even head over to Press for Change and click on several buttons there. The end goal here is to buy the book.

There are many excellent articles in the book, some of which were written by yours truly. What better way to support the food blog community than by purchasing this compilation? Well.. you could pay each and every food blogger $1000, but I expect that’d get a tad expensive. This way your support is far most cost efficient.

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