Digital Dish v,2 – Attention Food Bloggers

About a year ago, I was approached, via e-mail, by Owen at Tomatilla. I was asked to submit a post or two to his new publication; a book called Digital Dish. It was a wonderful experience, and I ended up impressing my mother as I had now been published in a book — as opposed to the unknown magazines and zines that had carried my writing in my non-food writing days.

Owen is back, and is asking around, seeing if people are interested in his next volume of food blogs posts smushed together into one book. As Owen writes:

I am asking for food bloggers to let me know via the email at the publishing company contact page, or in other words, at i n f o @ p r e s s f o r c h a n g e . c o m if they are interested in being considered for inclusion. Don’t send submissions – just let me know that you are interested and the URL to your blog. Please don’t nominate other people – instead let them know about it and make the decision for themselves!

It’s a great experience and Owen would love to hear from you.

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