Dim Sum Experts Needed:What the Hell Did I Just Eat?

To all of you Dim Sum experts out there, I’m apologizing before hand on letting you down. Being a non-Dim Sum expert, there are times when I order something to which I have absolutely no knowledge, and then hope I can look up information on it later on. Typing enough description into Google, I can typically find enough data to fill in the blanks for me.

This time, I’ve seem to run into a wall. So I turn to those of you who bleed chili paste and soy sauce. I ask simply – What the hell is this?

In the bowl is something that has been steam and has a mashed potato consistency, but with more flavor. It has been topped with bits o’ pork, and then a sweetened soy sauce. I’m thinking this is either radish pudding, turnip pudding, or some variation thereof, but I am unsure. Any help or path to go down would be much appreciated.


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