Dim Sum: Siu Ngap (Roast Duck)

Name:Siu Ngap
Primary Ingredient(s): Duck
Type of Dish: Meat
Method of Preparation: Roasting

Let’s be honest here: There are people from the Western cultures out there who simply will not eat anything that their eyes cannot identify. Simply put, if they don’t recognize it, they ain’t going to eat it.

This dim sum dish is the perfect selection for them, because it is readily identifiable. It’s roast duck fer crissakes! I know this by simply looking at it! If you’re dipping your toes into the dim sum pond, dishes such as these are the sanctuaries to turn to.

That’s not to say that these dishes are any less important than other more exotic options. Much like any foods that have some measure of marination, secret recipes abound, and different flavors and different approaches will occur from from restaurant to restaurant. And as with any roast dish, the quality of the meat depends on both the quality of the meat and the skill of the chef. A great roast duck is, quite frankly, sublime.

So if you’re new to dim sum, feel free to look up this dish. It’s akin to a movie starting with a thrilling action sequence, a la James Bond.

Sun-Ya Restaurant, Seattle, 11/1/2009