Disposable Post: HFCS, Tarts, and Cats!

I try to post something on Wednesdays, if only to keep me on my toes, and my brain juices flowin’. But alas, I’ve been having some major hosting issues in the past twelve hours, and it sortof-kindof has me distracted. Consider the following: I am literally on the phone with my hosting company as I am writing this. This is not making me happy. It is possible that this post that you are reading right now, may be lost if/when they transfer my domain onto a new server.

So, that leaves me with only one option: Create a disposable post.

For you readers out there who like their posts with a political bent, here’s the latest news on High Fructose Corn Syrup!

A Princeton University research team has demonstrated that all sweeteners are not equal when it comes to weight gain: Rats with access to high-fructose corn syrup gained significantly more weight than those with access to table sugar, even when their overall caloric intake was the same.

In addition to causing significant weight gain in lab animals, long-term consumption of high-fructose corn syrup also led to abnormal increases in body fat, especially in the abdomen, and a rise in circulating blood fats called triglycerides. The researchers say the work sheds light on the factors contributing to obesity trends in the United States.

HFCS! It’s evil I tells ya’! EVIL!!

Food Politics not your cuppa tea? How about some delicious food porn?

Yum. Blueberry Apricot Tart! Doesn’t that brighten your day?

And for those of you bored with both food politics AND food porn – Here’s a picture of a cat for you. His name is Tommy.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to the customer service representative at my hosting company.