Dissonance thy name is Batali

There’s a very interesting post over at Eater from Mario Batali, where he details why Food Blog are Evil.

What caught my eye were the following two snippets.

Many of the anonymous authors who vent on blogs rant their snarky vituperatives from behind the smoky curtain of the web. This allows them a peculiar and nasty vocabulary that seems to be taken as truth by virtue of the fact that it has been printed somewhere.

And then later in the post:

If you follow the blue bold link, it takes you to the original piece driven by a factoid written by the hapless NY Post real estate/food hack Braden Keil who has hated me for as long as I can remember, not that he has any value to journalism anyway.

Call me crazy, but it seems that if one is going to criticize folks for using “peculiar and nasty vocabulary”, one shouldn’t engage in said practice three paragraphs later.

Meanwhile, I have a working theory in regard to food blogs. There are essentially two different worlds of food bloggers – The first is those in New York who fixate upon the admittedly unique and gossipy restaurant scene. The second is everyone else.

I could be wrong. It is only a theory after all.