Does Grapefruit Expedite Weight Loss?

You’ve heard the legend. You burn more calories eating grapefruit than what the grapefruit provides. You scratch your head. “Doesn’t the grapefruit have 42 calories per 100g?” you ask. “Sure, it isn’t a lot of calories, but surely chewing foods doesn’t take up 42 calories.”

“No, no. You’ve got it wrong,” you are told.” Grapefruit has a special chemical property which increases your metabolism. Not only does it allow you to get what is essentially calorie free nutrition from the grapefruit, it will help you out with fat burning as well.”

You are stunned.”This surely is a miracle fruit, this grapefruit. What is this super chemical found within?”

“Naringin. It’s a secondary plant metabolite,” is the response.

The logic here is a bit stunning. Surely, if they were aware of the fat-burning properties, the medical community would be shouting it from rooftops. You decide to do some research. It does not take long to find your answer.

In the April, 2006 release of the journal Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiologynd a report entitled “Naringin does not alter caffeine pharmacokinetics, energy expenditure, or cardiovascular haemodynamics in humans following caffeine consumption”.

You smile at the title, but read on. The conclusion is fairly clear. Naringin does a lot. What it does not do is increase one’s metabolic rate to the point where caloric expenditure is significantly altered.

You print out the report, take it to your friend, and smack them over the head with it.

Eat fruit. Please. But please know that there are little to no miracle fruits that will burn calories faster than any other. Not unless there’s a known stimulant (such as caffeine) within.