Does Restaurant Cleanliness Dictate Your Dining?

I have to admit – sometimes I’m wary about going out to eat. Whether it’s high end or a local food cart, my first concern is always restaurant hygiene, and sometimes, you just don’t know what to expect.

Maybe my high school gig as a restaurant hostess taught me too much about the unspokens of a food service establishment. I remember watching from my front post as an overzealous server whipped a plate of spaghetti out of the order window with too much speed, sending the pretty pile of noodles to the counter. I stared in horror as he carefully grabbed the handful of spaghetti and piled it back onto the plate, heading into the dining room without missing a step.

There were other culprits. The prep cook who used the same knife for everything, the servers who picked the tomato bits from salads instead of replating new ones. There were dead dinner rolls that had embedded themselves onto a carpet that was only vacuumed every few weeks and chairs that held months of fingerprints and food remnants. There was no way I wanted to actually eat there.

Today, I’m frightened to say, I came across this gnarly report that only reinforces my restaurant hygiene concerns. The twenty-four second video was shot in the wee morning hours one early April day in Adelaide, South Australia, and shows a local McDonald’s that appears beyond disgusting.

While the article goes on to state that the area had been cleaned by the time reporters came in to investigate, I’m confused why customers would continue to eat at an establishment that’s clearly in such gross disarray – even momentarily. If this is what the dining area looks like, I shudder to think about what the kitchen looks like, what kind of horrendous health violations are being committed behind closed doors.


I certainly have no problem walking out of a dirty restaurant without eating. How about you?