Down and Out at the Low and Slow

On Sunday I found myself driving my Mini Cooper to the SPILSAPBBQSC (The acronym that I have given to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s Low & Slow Pro BBQ State Championship). To say that it was a disappointment is an understatement on par with saying that “Kraft food products are evil”. The extent on how sad and unfortunate this event is will never be known unless you go there yourself.
If you are the type of masochist who gets off on sitting in Emergency Rooms, signing up for College Courses or waiting for the Boston Red Sox to win a world series, then the SPILSAPBBQSC is for you. Let me explain the type of sadism that the promoters of this event inflicted on the mass audience:

  • There were a dozen or so competitors for the title of Washington State BBQ Champion. But none of them could sell their products, and none of them could provide free samples of their product until after the judges had sampled their wares.

    Due to this, only one or two of the competitors were providing samples of their products at any given time.

  • If you wanted BBQ, you couldn’t get any BBQ from the competitors. So there was one food vendor who was allowed to serve BBQ to the general public.
  • As for other non-bbq food vendors? There were none. That’s right. This was a food event that attracted hundreds of customers, and there was only ONE food vendor. See the picture to your left? That was the line to the food vendor. The food vendor is that tent with the red awning waaaaaay in the back. So if you wanted food, you had to wait 45 minutes in line.
  • There was no beer being served…At a BBQ event…What the hell were they thinking?
    Oh sure, there was a beer garden. But it was no where near the event. It was 200 yards way at an arts and crafts festival. And it was a sad, sad place indeed.
  • It rained…And yes, I blame that on the organizers as well.

And they wonder why the big BBQ events don’t take the SPILSAPBBQSC seriously. In the part of the nation that has provided BBQ salmon, and grilling on cedar planks, there’s quite simply no excuse for how terrible this event was. Both Ballard’s Seafood Festival and Edmond’s ‘Taste of Edmonds’ were far superior in execution.

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