Eat…er…Drink Local: Rockridge Orchards Hard Apple Cider

There’s two main points that I wish to get across with this post.

Firstly, Farmer’s markets are often more than simply vegetables and flowers. Last week at our market there was fresh meat, pastries, cheeses and lo and behold, hard cider.

Secondly, Not every thing that can be purchased at the Farmer’s market will be of top quality. Lo and behold, the hard cider.

I wanted to like this drink, for a variety of reason, but cheif among them was the fact that it seems nearly blasphemous to criticize foods that are local and purchased directly from the farmer. After all the work that the producer has done, to say “meh” to their products seems a tad mean.

But when I drank the cider, “Meh” is exactly how I felt. It was grainy and a tad fizzy, but after that, it’s mostly watered down.

I’m torn here, because I want to say something nice about Rockridge Orchards. Their ciders, of the non-hard variety, are quite tasty and flavorful.

But the hard cider? Meh. But I’m still pleased that I can find items like this at Farmer’s Markets.

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