Eat Local: Woodrings’s Rose Petal Jelly

For the “Eat Local” challenge, I’ve chosen to focus on items that I can buy at my local Farmer’s market. I’m rather lucky here in West Seattle, as the farmer’s market is right down the road from me, and held every Sunday between April and December.

Fresh cheeses, meat, pastries, produce and yes, even jams and jellys are available. It was here that I picked up this product – Woodring’s Rose Petal Jelly.

One of the many areas that farmer’s markets excel is in the local Jams, which are made from the local fruits and veggies as well as with cane sugar rather than the dreaded HFCS. Woodring’s is no different. Along side of the Rose Petal Jelly were items such as “Cherry Butter”, “Huckleberry Jam” and “Marionberry Jelly”. Finding items such as these at a local supermarket is very unlikely.

The Rose Petal Jelly tastes sublime, partially of rose and a very nice and complimentary lemon taste. It’s delicious alone or on a cracker. It’s simply wonderful heated with slices of apple and a bit of shallots, and then placed upon thick, tender pork chops.

My own take on the “Eat Local” challenge is that we needn’t sacrifice foods but instead substitute them instead. Jams are the best example of this. Because what you find in your supermarket aisles cannot compare to the joy of farm jam.

If interested in Rose Petal Jam, you can order it from Woodrings by calling 1-800-848-2554. They’re sold by Food Concept’s Inc, out of Monroe, WA.

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