Elitist Snob Alert: Heloise gives tea advice

Heloise of Hints from Heloise has decided to give advice on how to snazz up your tea. She writes a particularly odd and (I think) misinformed hint:

Make “exotic” flavors of tea using different flavored tea bags until you find one you enjoy.


Without playing the “Elitist Snob” card too severely, let me just say this: Buy loose leaf tea. Learn how easy it is to “put the kettle on”. Ignore tea bags, as the quality can vary, not just brand to brand, but even box to box.

Do this, and you’ll discover what “exotic” flavors truly are. Bag teas are essetially teas with training wheels.

Oh, and just so we’re clear on this.. the elitist snob is me, not Heloise. I’m sure she’s a wonderful person drinking her iced tea down there in Texas.

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