Est! Est!! Est!!!

During some reading on wines local to the Lazio region of Italy, I came across a name of a wine that I thought both new and humorous.

The name of the wine is Est! Est!! Est!!! The story behind its name is as follows:

German Cardinal Johann Fugger, a wine gourmand from around 1110, was on the way to Rome for the coronation of Emperor Henry V, sent his steward, Martin, forward to check out the Roman countryside, and find the places(inns and such) which produced and/or sold the best wine. Any place that Martin found pleasing, he was to chalk mark the door of the inn with an ‘Est!’ (“It is!” in Latin).

As the Cardinal was was on his way to Rome, he stopped at each placed so marked with the “Est!”…that is, until he came to an in located in Montefiascone (about 70 miles out of Rome). There, the Cardinal found his steward sprawled in front of an inn, drunk to high heaven. On the front door was written “Est! Est!! Est!!!”

The Cardinal never made it to the coronation.

I love that story. But apparently the wine doesn’t travel well, as I’ll be damned if I can find any in the States (via the Internet Stores), let alone finding it in Seattle. Does anyone know of a place online that sells wine from the Lazio region of Italy?

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