When I first moved out here, and starting looking into the history of Seattle, I was told that there was precious little of it out here. After all, Seattle wasn’t founded until 1852.

Pardon me? Hey, I’m as ignorant of Native American History as most WASP’s out there, but even I know that there is history here far earlier than when the first white settlers decided to call this place home. The name of the damn city comes from Chief Seattle for cryin’ out loud!

Just for the record, there are dozens of tribes that are/were based in the Pacific Northwest. The Emerald City itself sits on the land that used to be the primary home for the Dwamish and Suquamish tribes since at least 600 AD. The populations of all the Pacific Northwest tribes took a huge hit in the 1770′s when the Spaniards introduced small pox into the native populations.

If you want to know about teh History of the Native Americans before the white man arrived, Arthur C. Ballard documented some of the oral history. Also refer to any of the tribes that are still in existance today.