Final Ireland Notes


It is our last night in Ireland and I’m quite sad to leave this place.

It’s easy when you travel to simply get caught up in the activity. When away from home, simple things that you normally would take for granted you find yourself “oooh”-ing and “ahhh”-ing over. In Seattle, I’m surrounded by mountains, with Mt. Rainier looming over the southern landscape. And I hardly pay it any attention. But the green hills of Ireland, I found myself pointing at and extolling the beauty of it all. Traveling can make anyone a hypocrite. So when I talk about the things I’ve seen, take it with a grain of salt.

We’ve traveled from the North Coast by the Giant’s Causeway, to the Southern areas where we visited the Dromberg Stone Circle (sort of a lesser known Stonehenge). We had contacted and visited all the major whiskey companies here on the island, and we’ve met more than our fair share of characters. We’ve had drinks from the basic Jameson to a 63 year old Locke’s that had been lost in the back of a warehouse. On Sunday, we visited a tomb at Newgrange nearly at sunrise, with mist and frost hugging the valley ever so gingerly. It was beautiful.

This morning we were serenaded by a cab driver and tonight, we had a drink at the Guinness Brewery in the Gravity Bar, looking at all of Dublin. To use the local vernacular, this week was “Brilliant”.

We leave tomorrow.