Food Diaries and Accidental Hedonist Update

What with the obscene amount of traveling I’ve done in the past two months, I’ve failed a bit in my duties regarding the personal food diaries here at Accidental Hedonist. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read some grade A entries, you really should explore just what is being written.

And if you were so inclined, you yourself may want to take a dip into the food blogging waters, and sign up for your own diary. You may even find yourself being read by over 10,000 people, with many adding their own comments on your posts.

Meanwhile, we here are in the midst of adding new tools and options that will help foster a deeper level of community. The idea is that we don’t want the diaries to stand alone, but rather be part of a larger dialogue (yeah, yeah, I’m using a bit of corporate weasel-speak here).

If you have any ideas for the diaries, or any other part of Accidental Hedonist, feel free to add your opinion here in the comment section.

Many thanks as always for your continued support and interaction on this site!