Food Writers Wanted

Alas, it is getting to that time of year again. Six months have come and gone, and by the end of December, the regular rotation of weekly posts from Charmian, Ben, Maura, and Emily will come to a close.

Over the past few years, I have been proud to host the works of several food writers, and it has turned into one of the aspects of Accidental Hedonist from which I draw a great amount of pleasure.

To that end, I wish to offer you, dear reader, the opportunity to join the ranks of those who have posted their food thoughts here on a regular basis.

Before you go sending me an e-mail, there are a few requirements.

1) You have to be able to commit to a six month agreement, January of 2009 until the end of June.

2) You have to have a currently up and operating food blog that has been around for at least six months.

3) You have to be able to provide posts of at least one hundred words, once a week, during the aforementioned six month time frame.

In return you will get:

1) Paid. Not a lot, but some.

2) The ability link to your food blog on a weekly basis.

If you think that you can live will the above arrangements, feel free to drop me an e-mail at kate AT accidentalhedonist DOT com with your name and a link to your food blog or your food writing. I will take these e-mails until December 7th, midnight PST.