Foodies & Classism

Kevin leaves this in the comments of my recent post about foie gras:

Amusing, isn’t it… Kate talking about “classism”. Being a foodie is as “classist” or “elitist” as one can be.

Kevin, my apologies for misinterpretting your initial comments as agressive trolling. I’ve deleted the comments I initially left in this area. But I do still take issue with your approach.

While I typically avoid labels of most sort (as they are limiting and are mostly caricatures of generalizations), I recognize that they have the ability to provide context to those who may are unfamiliar with them. “Foodies” (a term I dislike, but eh, am not too concerned about) falls into the basic restrictions that all labels provide.

That being said, here’s my take. “Foodies” will go anywhere their resources will allow in order to get a good meal. It doesn’t matter if the meal comes from a hot dog vendor selling sausages out of a cart on a corner or if it comes from a five star restaurant. A good meal is a good meal, no matter whence it came.

A “classist” is someone who avoids people, places or things because it would associate them with a group of people opposite of the social class which they are comfortable.

No, the word you’re looking for is “snob”, or as I like to refer to myself , “picky”.

You see, I have no issue in openly showing my disdain for products such as the $100 bottle of vodka, or the $4 pack of Kraft singles. I mock these products, not because they represent a clas of people that make me uncomfortable, but rather for the fact that these products either:

  1. are massively overpriced…or
  2. taste like overprocessed chemical filler…or
  3. both.

That’s not to say that there are no classists who are foodies. There are a few, most of them being the type who buy the expensive vodkas or eat only at the five star restaurants exclusively. But you’ll find most of these folks care more about status than food.

As for the “elitist” term – I’m not even sure I know what the word means. The foodies I know are far too busy searching for the perfect home-brew beer recipe or the best place to buy barbecue to claim any elite status. Perhaps you meant “strangely obsessed”?

UPDATE: I’ve gotten a note from Kevin, where he has clarified his position a bit further. While initially thinking his comment was a troll bait, I’ve since reconsidered my opinion of Kevin. I’ve updated this post to reflect this.

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