For a Healthy Breakfast…Cocoa Krispies???

Once again, I am shocked, SHOCKED, to find that a healthy labeling campaign led by large scale food producers such as Unilever, Conagra, Kellogg’s, and others of this ilk would find that items like Apple Jack’s, Bagel-Fuls, and Lunchable’s are actually quite healthy.

Who knew?

The root cause of this hub-bub actually comes from the Smart Choices Standards, which allows as much as 20% of the daily recommended allowance for sodium and 25% for sugar per serving.

The problem is that we Americans tend to eat more than the suggested serving recommendation on the size of the package. Have two bowls of cereal and there’s half of the daily recommended allotment of sugar done in one sitting. Serving size in the food world is everything.

I’m not going to say that Smart Choices is another example of Mega-Foods run rampant. But until they encourage people to eat less of their products (something which is quite unlikely), it’s hard to take this program seriously. Add to that their…ahem…optimistic views on sodium and sugar, this program seems like junk science at its worst.

But then again, I’m a cynic. Caveat Emptor.

So while