For Jack: Girl Scout Cookies remove Trans Fats

Jack, over at Fork & Bottle, has made it a tradition to annually remind me and others of the trans fat found within my beloved box of Thin Mints. I never knew how to respond to his e-mails, because …wel.. They’re THIN MINTS! And I loves them so very much!

I’d then get accosted by the parents within my workplace, letting me know that if I didn’t purchase the thin mints, their daughters would call my voicemail and leave messages of tears and threats. Have you ever recieved a phone call with an 8 year old girl sniffling while warning you to becareful starting your car? It can be very disconcerting.

However, back to Jack. It appears as if his protests had reached the right ears.

The Girl Scouts have marked their 90th year in the cookie business by getting most of the artificial fat out of all varieties of their iconic treats, which had been under attack by a few health-focused consumer groups.

The change reflects a movement by the scouts in recent years to add an element of health consciousness to their annual bake sale.

This year, about half of all Girl Scout troops are also offering a sugar-free cookie called the Little Brownie. A cookie with reduced saturated fat, the Cartwheel, was introduced last year.

Phew! I can now drive to work without having to inspect my car’s ignition set.

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