Found in the Aisles: Cynar Liqueur – Made from Artichokes

There’s really no build up, no introductory paragraph that I can give to this post that will explain the following:

Artichoke Liqueur, known under the brand of Cynar.

When walking through the liquor store, I had to have it, even if only for a conversation piece.

The liquid itself looks almost like a cola-color, with a slight tint of red. I mixed it in some club soda and tasted.

It wasn’t that bad at all. In fact, I thought it to be rather pleasant. The best way I can describe it is that it tastes like a milder Campari. There’s a bit of sweetness along with bitterness. At 16% alcohol, it’s not a strong drink.

I would drink this again, although I’ll have to wait until I have a desire for a Campari-like drink. It is a drink that takes some getting used to.

But still…artichoke liqueur. I would have never thought that such a drink existed, let alone taste pretty good.

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