Found in the Supermarket: Cahill Porter Cheese

In the recent post regarding Cahill Whiskey Cheese, several people brought up the Cahill Porter. So in the interest of fair play, and ensuring that the folks who weren’t aware of the porter cheese were filled in on this other Irish cheese, I sought out the cheddar.

Yeah, that sounds like I went on a great journey, but in all honesty, I simply went to the same supermarket, to the same cheese counter, and looked at the shelf above. Voila! It wasn’t difficult at all.

I’ve had the Porter cheese before, as it’s quite an interesting looking specimen, almost guaranteed to stand out amongst the other cheeses on the plate. The dark brown marbling I find quite aesthetically pleasing for some reason. Those with a keener knowledge of cheese making would know that the marbling is indicative of the process of cheddaring.

Yes, this is another cheddar cheese, related to everything from Monterey Jack to the Whiskey Cheddar mentioned previously. The sharp tang of the cheddar is still there, albeit a tad understated, as the deep earthiness of the porter subdues it to some extent. This isn’t a criticism, as this is what makes this cheese so distinctive flavor-wise.

Much like the Whiskey cheese, the flavor of the porter comes out strongest on the finish. A point should be made the the porter-taste isn’t a bonk-you-over-the-head strong, but more subdued – prevalent, but subdued.

If asked to rate, it would simply state that I would purchase this cheese again, even seek it out from time-to-time. It’s a very good cheese, but not my favorite. I enjoyed the Whiskey Cheese far more, but that’s a reflection on how good the whiskey cheese was, not on the quality of the porter cheese.