Found in the Supermarket: Sweet Leaf Lemonade Ice Tea

Whilst shopping in our local Thriftway the other day (which sounds a bit Seussical, I admit), I came across a display containing the product pictured to the left.

This immediately brought up two points.

  1. Lemonade/Iced tea, as any good person from Western Pennsylvania will tell you, is called an “Arnold Palmer“, named after the golfer and third most popular person/institution from Latrobe.
  2. The name “Sweet Leaf”, if my memory of songs from 1970′s heavy metal bands is accurate, can be considered slang for marijuana. But now that I’m over the age of twenty five, I have no idea if the kids today know this little tidbit of information. But to someone my age, it’s akin to seeing a cola being sold under the brand name “Reefer”.

    Note that I do not mean this as a condemnation of either the tea or of marijuana.

As far as taste? It’s essentially an organic Snapple-like taste. In other words, if you make your own, you’ll have a better version of this.