Free Ice Cream!


I’m normally not one to shill for corporate franchises. I have no use for the Wendy’s or McDonald’s of the world, nor do I really like the food/service/philosophy of TGIFriday’s or Appleby’s. However, my exception to this rule is with ice cream. So every year, around this time, I get excited. Why? Because two ice cream companies have free ice cream cone giveaways.

Ben and Jerry’s and Baskin Robbins are giving away free cones on consecutive days. This makes next week sort of a national holiday for ice cream fans nationwide.

First, on Tuesday the 27th, Ben and Jerry’s is having their annual “thank you” tradition where they give back to their dedicated customers, by ditributingn free ice cream cones (and scoops) between 12pm and 8pm. But because this is an election year, they have also teamed up with Rock The Vote to help register new voters. Starting on Free Cone Day, you can register to vote at selected Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops up until the deadline fir voter registration (varies according to your state of residence).


Then the following day, Baskin Robbins will have their free scoop night. Between 6pm and 10pm, you can go to any of your local Baskin Robbins locations and choose from one of their 31 flavors to enjoy as your heart desires. Baskin Robbins will also use the day to help make donations to First Book. First Book is a national non-profit organization that provides children from low-income families with their first new books.

So go to these two franchise operations next week, and help encourage their social responsibility by regsitering to vote, giving back to the community and enjoying some free ice cream.