Fried Tofu-Egg

With all due respect to my vegetarian friends out there, a vegetarian fried egg sounds appalling, no matter how you dress it up.

The Vegan fried egg has been made with a special blend of tofu for the egg white and a Jamaican fruit called Ackee for the egg yolk. “The final icing on the vegan cake was the new vegan omega 3 oil with DHA and EPA made from algae called V-Pure that gives the egg a perfect nutritional breakdown of essential fats and amino acids” (said Yvonne Bishop-Weston, one fo the creators of the dish)

I’ve never quite understood the desire of some vegetarians to replicate meat-like meals. It strikes me as a half-hearted way of admitting that meat provides better tastes than what fruits and vegetabes can provide.

In reading the description of the fried tofu egg, I once again realize that I could never last as a vegetarian. If it was me that had to go through all of those steps to get a veggie-friendly fried egg, then about the time I was looking at algae suppliments in order to get the nutritional egg equivalent I would have said “To hell with this” and simply cracked open an actual egg.

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