From Pan to Paper

While I stir up a batch of dough for tamales, the pork stewing in the crock pot, smells of cooking fill the air, all of my senses are engaged. My hands move air into the dough, insuring that it will have a light fluffy texture after steaming. My nose tells me I put just the right amount of chipotle peppers in with the pork cheeks, while my ears let me dance to the sound of light bubbling as I let it reduce to a thick stew. A little taste here and there reminds me why I use freshly rendered lard for the perfect tamales, while I craft the crowning touch, a slice of jalapeno to peak out from the dough.

The joy of making a dish doesn’t end with those sensual, pleasing parts. It continues as I smell them steaming and taste them completed. And then, and then I get to the good part. After scarfing all that I can consume, I sit down in front of my computer and reminisce about what I just made. It sounds silly, to enjoy them and then immediately move to thinking about them, but for me the joy comes from every aspect, the cerebral rehashing included. That allows me really delve into what it was that made these good (or bad, in some cases), what it was that enhanced the dish and what detracted, how much I liked it and how much I want to share it with the world.

Lucky for me, as a blogger, I do have the opportunity to share it with the world, and I have very much enjoyed being able to enjoy my thoughts on food with everyone from the platform of Accidental Hedonist. This is my final post, but you can always find me, as well as the recipe for the tamales at