From the Food Diaries

I’m going to work to make this a weekly feature, posting a version of this every Sunday, in order to help promote some of the food diaries that had not been promoted to the front page. If you’re looking for some quick reading, here are some of the food posts that had caught my attention over the past week.

  • Mimiwi needs some help reconstructing a recipe for her altitude of 7500 feet above sea level.
  • bchas is looking for the name of a food documentary that they saw on television.
  • patrick introduces himself to the Accidental Hedonist readers with a five course meal.
  • Staceylynn let’s us know about a reaction to her green soup.
  • Karen let’s us know about improvising in the supermarket and the kitchen.
  • Felirene1 states for the record that politics makes her sick, and food is the cure.

Thank you all for your great writing this week!

If you wish to partake of this community, feel free to add your own food diary here at the Hedonist. You start this process simply by clicking on this link.