From Vegetarians into Omnivores

I’ve mentioned it before, but it is worth bringing up again – vegetarianism was/is as much about rebelling against Corporate Agri-Business as it is about ethical treatment of animals. This anecdotal article from Food & Wine further supports that position.

From the article:

Even chef Mollie Katzen, author of the vegetarian bible the ‘Moosewood Cookbook’, is experimenting with meat again. “For about 30 years I didn’t eat meat at all, just a bite of fish every once in a while, and always some dairy,” she says. “Lately, I’ve been eating a little meat. People say, ‘Ha, ha, Mollie Katzen is eating steak.’ But now that cleaner, naturally fed meat is available, it’s a great option for anyone who’s looking to complete his diet. Somehow, it got ascribed to me that I don’t want people to eat meat. I’ve just wanted to supply possibilities that were low on the food chain.”

Recently, when responding to the invitation to her high-school reunion, Katzen had to make a choice between the vegetarian and the conventional meal. She checked the nonvegetarian box. “The people who requested the vegetarian meal got fettuccine Alfredo,” she says. “It’s a bowl full of flour and butterfat. I’d much rather have vegetables and grains and a few bites of chicken.”

I wish there was some sort of polling done to indicate whether this is an actual trend or not.

But that point aside, I do often wonder how many vegetarians out there would partake of beef or pork if they knew that it came from an animal that had lived a very cow-like or pig-like existence (treated well, had plenty of room to roam and/or graze, ate healthy, etc., etc.). In other words, a life which is the exact opposite of the one “provided” by the CAFO’s around the world.

(Via The Food Section)