Gourmet Salts – Pro or Con

Y’see, this is the kind of web site that gets me in trouble at home. Coming home with $100 worth of salt is a risky proposition, because it’s a safe bet that I won’t use a fair amount of anything I buy.

Here’s the thing – part of me believes that some gourmet salts are simply a con perpetuated on an unknowing public. It’s like bottled water in that some of the stuff is undoubtedly no better than the Morton Products you can find at the grocery store.

Part yet of me believes that there are some salts that are worth their weight in…uh…salt. To stretch the bottled water simile further, I believe there are salt versions of San Pelligrino out there — flavors and textures distinct enough that an educated palate can tell them apart from the rest.

Besides, it’s difficult to resist such names such as:

  • alaea hawaiian sea salt
  • Sal Del Mar
  • Fleur de Sel
  • Himilayan Pink Salt

The only way I can find which of those types of salt are worth having is to put them up in a taste testing. This means buying several versions of salt.

I am so in trouble. Not just because I’m about to purchase an excessive amount of salt. But also because I just realized that I’m obsessing about salt.

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