Guest Writer Needed

I can’t believe that six months have already gone by. It seems as if only yesterday that Sassy Radish published her first post on this site. Now her time is drawing near an end, and it’s time once again to put out the call for writers.

Here’s the gig: Once a weekend, either Saturday morning or Sunday morning, the guest writer publishes a post on any topic that deals with food. It can either be a recipe, or an essay about how you like cheese. It should be somewhat entertaining (and since my writing is the benchmark here, the bar is set fairly low as to what constitutes “entertaining”) and over 100 words in length. Photos are not required, but highly encouraged (and in this regard, Sassy has set the bar rather high). As stated previously, such a writer will have to commit to six months.

In return, the guest writer can promote their own site and get a small paycheck of forty dollars a month (roughly ten bucks a post).

This guest writer will also have the option to fill in for me on the days when I’m out traveling in support of the whiskey book. The details on this aspect have yet to be worked out as itineraries have yet to be finalized, but the possibility exists for additional posting. Payment will be made for these posts as well, beyond the $40 payment.

If you find yourself interested in this guest writer position, send me an e-mail at . The only requirement I have for any applicant is that they currently have food blog of their own that they keep up to date on a regular basis. Additionally, my preference is for people who use a real sounding name as their nom de plume. What that means is that someone who goes by “Becky Donovan” or “Jack Cole” will have a leg up against those who go by “TomatoFreak_OOO” or “GoBuckeyes”. However, this isn’t a deal breaker, as evidenced by the tenure of “Sassy Radish”.

I’ll accept e-mails up to 11:59 pm PST on 11/12/2007. I’ll whittle the list of names down to five by 11/19, and a final person will be chosen by 11/26.

Good luck to all who are interested!