Guinness: The Gateway Beer

Granted, my experiences could not hold up to any scientific or statistical rigor, but I’ve been gathering some anecdotal evidence that comes to a very interesting conclusion.

Namely, for many people, drinking a Guinness has led many a person to leave the world of The Big Three.

This makes sense on a purely logistical level. For all of the talk of imports into the American beer market, the type of beer most often brought into this country all bear a remarkable resemblance Lagers. Think of the most popular imports – Corona, Labatt’s, Molson, Fosters, Heineken, all of this provide relatively the same experience when consumed, not just with one another, but with the domestics that are so popular.

But Guinness? Guinness provides something unique to the beer drinker with common tastes. It’s akin to eating white bread all of your life, and then one day biting into a slice of dark pumpernickel. Afterward, one may not help but think “What else is there out there that I’ve been missing?”

So let me ask for some more anecdotal experiences out there. How many of you realized the beer world was larger than initially thought after consuming a Guinness?