Halloween Candy

Let me state for the record, that out of all of the childhood activities that I loved when I was young, it is Halloween that I miss the most.

Sure there is Christmas, where people give you gifts. But that tradition continues into adulthood. The same can be said for birthdays. Can you imagine if the tradition of giving out candy extended to anyone who knocked on your door, not just children? Work would be a delight, as anyone who approached your workspace would get a piece of chocolate.

Alas, about the age of 12, the dynamic of Halloween changes from that of going door to door, to instead going to parties. It is around the post high-school years that treat of choice changes from candy to alcohol. It is also during that time that the magic of Halloween gets lost.

I say this mostly from my own point-of-view, although I have heard of others saying the same thing. But think on this for a moment – Can you think of any feeling you have had that can equate to dozens of people giving you varying degrees of your favorite thing in the world, simply for knocking on their door whilst dressed as a ghost? For a child, this is as good as it gets. This is akin to scoring free meals at the French Laundry and a $500 gift certificate at Pike Place Market. Imagine being given a rare bottle of Scotch twenty-four times in the same day. This is what Halloween meant for me as a child.