Healthy Chocolate: Can we stop this already?

I’ve already talked about this way back when, but it’s worth repeating.

FACT: The flavanoids found within cacao are indeed healthy for you.

FACT: The further you get away from “pure” cacao, the more you temper and/or offset whatever health benefits that the cacao offered. Word on the street is that any dark chocolate containing under 70% cocoa solids has pretty much zero to little health benefits to the consumer.

FACT: Anybody who tries to sell chocolate as being nutritious, without acknowledging the above facts, is trying to mislead you. For example,Tom Vierhile, director of Datamonitor’s Productscan Online, in a January article found in USA Today, said:

“Chocolate has become a quasi-health food,” quips Tom Vierhile, director of Datamonitor’s Productscan Online. “Chocolate has been stricken from Santa’s ‘naughty’ list this year.”

Mr. Vierhile is trying to sell you something- probably something with chocolate in the ingredient list.

FACT: Adding chocolate to anything (cereal, beer, sugar, caramel) adds little to no health benefits. Sorry.

FACT: Fran’s Chocolates? Delicious.

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