Here’s a funny thing about having a food blog:

As it turns out, when your friends and family read your blog, and then come to your house, you start to think maybe you ought do a little more than make sure you dig out all the local take-out menus from your junk drawer.

I realized this when when my mother-in-law — who reads my blog — came to visit us recently, and I figured if I spend so much of my time writing about the foods I cook and eat, it seems only right that I should cook something special for her… but what? Seeing as I’d just read Julia Child’s My Life in France, with its loving descriptions of even the simplest French foods, and with my mother-in-law as our guest, who lived in France for a while when my husband was a toddler, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to try putting together a simple French meal.

Now, to put it kindly, I’m somewhat picky about Doing Things Just Right Or Not Doing Them At All. For instance: I will scrap a grocery list and start fresh if I find I’ve misspelled “mostaccioli” on it. Somewhat picky, unhealthily compulsive… to-may-to, to-mah-to. Anyway. That’s how I am and I was intent on doing a French meal right.