History of Apples

Can you name me the oldest cultivated fruit currently on the planet? If you answered “Apples!”, give yourself…well…an apple!

I will now go to prove it to you…

…NOT by telling you the propaganda put forth by the Christians that Eve tempted Adam with this fruit(if you read the bible, it never states apple, and in all probability was a different fruit.. more on that later).

…NOT by telling you about Gaia presenting a tree with golden apples to Zeus and his bride Hera on their wedding day.

…NOT by telling you several different mythologies that talk about apples.

Instead, I will tell you of facts!

FACT: 8,000 B.C.—Nomadic hunter/gatherer societies invent agriculture and begin to settle in places throughout the fertile crescent valley; from the Nile through the Tigris and Euphrates, the Indus, and Yellow River Valleys. As both trade and military expeditions begin among these earliest civilizations, dessert apples quickly spread from the forests of their origin in the Tien Shan mountains of eastern Kazakstan throughout the civilized world.

Each settlement seeks to embellish their “paradise” or pleasure grounds with the most tempting apples of the forests. Previously isolated gene pools from some of the 25 distinctly different species of apples found throughout the world are now brought in contact with each other and gene transfer among apple species occurs.

FACT: 6,500 B.C.—Remains of apples are found among excavations at Jericho in the Jordan Valley and dated to this time period.

FACT: 5,000 B.C.—Feng Li, a Chinese diplomat, gives up his position when he becomes consumed by grafting peaches, almonds, persimmons, pears and apples as a commercial venture according to “The Precious Book of Enrichment”, part I, chapt. 4.

FACT: 3,000 B.C.-Charcoal remains of apples have been found in the ruins of Stone Age villages in Europe.

FACT: 1300 B.C.-The famous Ramses II decreed that apples of various varities were to be cultivated in the Nile Delta.

FACT: 700 B.C.-Evidence also shows that the ancient Greeks were growing and harvesting apples.

APPLES: They’ve been here longer than you!

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