Housecleaning: Website news

We’ve updated and implemented a few features to Accidental Hedonist that affect those of you who comment and/or trackback to our articles here.

1. Trackbacks: We turned them off. Our apologies for those who’ve been gracious enough to trackback to us in the past, but spam was getting a bit too much. There were days when I’d have to delete 200 trackback spams in a single sitting, and that’s simply too much. So they’re gone.

2. Comment Links: They’re back! Feel free to use the < a href> tags. We’ll work to ensure the system isn’t abused by spammers.

Of course, when I say the collective “we” up above, what I mean to say is “Tara”, as she’s the resident Tech Diva here. I’m the one who asks “Can you make it look pretty?” and she’s the person who does all of the heavy lifting. Thank her when you get the chance.