Two notes to share with y’all, about AH and connecting to this site.

1) We’ve been hit hard by comment spammers of late, literally removing dozens(sometimes hundreds) of sites everyday. Sometimes, to prevent returning of these spammers, we blacklist certain keyphrases or letter combinations in the links and referred URLs. What this may have done is prevent legitimate people from posting. If you believe yourself to be accidentally prevented from commenting, drop my a line at my e-mail address (posted on the left column).

2) Many of you have dealt with missing pages and “site unavailable” lately when trying to access. The issues around that have been the fault of our hosting company. Within the next few weeks, we will be changing to a new hosting company, one that’s a little larger, has a better payment package, and hopefully a stronger infrastructure. You maysite unavailable” error during the transfer period…if you do, please bear with us, as it will only be for a short while.

Thank you for understanding these technical difficulties!