How Big is Anheuser-Busch/InBev?

Anheuser-Busch/InBev is huge. There’s simply no denying it. But how huge is huge? Let’s take a moment to compare it against two other beer companies, and some of their brands.

First off, Seattle based Elysian Brewing Company -

Elysian Brewing (United States)
The Immortal IPA
The Wise ESB
Dragonstooth Stout
Perseus Porter
Zephyrus Pilsner
Elysian Fields Pale Ale

Okay, Okay. Perhaps it’s a bit unfair to compare a Microbrewery against the world’s largest beer maker. Let’s take the brands for the number two beer company in the United States, MillerCoors:

Águila (Columbia)
Coors (United States)
Aspen Edge
Barman Pils
Blue Moon Belgian White
Coors Extra Gold
Coors Light
Coors Non-Alcoholic
Full Moon Winter Ale
Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale
Herman Joseph’s Special Reserve
Honey Moon Summer Ale
Keystone Ice
Keystone Light
Keystone Premium
Killian’s Irish Red
Pale Moon
Rising Moon Spring Ale
Rising Sun Spring Ale
Cristal (Peru)
Cusqueña (Peru)
Premium Dark
Premium Peruvian
Foster’s Premium Ale(Australia)
Grolsch (The Netherlands)
Amber Ale
Blonde Lager
Light Lager
Premium Lager
Hamm’s (United States)
Golden Draft
Special Light
Henry Weinhard’s (United States)
Belgian Style Wheat
Blue Boar
Classic Dark Lager
India Pale Ale
Private Reserve
Summer Wheat Ale
Lech (Poland)
Leinenkugel’s (United States)
Berry Weiss
BIG BUTT Dopplebock
Classic Amber Lager
Creamy Dark
Fireside Nut Brown
Honey Weiss
Oktoberfest Lager
Original Lager
Red Lager
Summer Shandy
Sunset Wheat
Millers (United States)
Frederick Miller Classic Chocolate Lager
Harley Davidson Beer
Magnum 40
Meister Bräu
Meister Bräu Light
Mickey’s Ice
Mickey’s Stinger
Miller Chill
Miller Genuine Draft
Miller Genuine Draft Light 64
Miller High Life
Miller High Life Ice
Miller High Life Light
Miller Lite
Miller Lite Amber
Miller Lite Blonde Ale
Miller Lite Ice
Miller Lite Wheat
Milwaukee’s Best
Milwaukee’s Best Dry
Milwaukee’s Best Ice
Milwaukee’s Best Light
Olde English 800
Olde English 800 High Gravity
Penguin Beer
Red Dog
Red Dog 32 Oz
Red, White & Blue
Sheaf Stout
Snow Beer
Southpaw Light
Molson (Canada)
Molson Canadian
Molson Canadian Sub-Zero
Molson Canadian Light
Molson Canadian Ice
Molson Canadian Cold Shots 6.0
Molson Dry
Molson Exel
Molson Export
Molson Golden
Molson Ice
Molson Kick
Molson Stock Ale
Molson XXX
Peroni Nastro Azzurro (Italy)
Pilsner Urquell (Czech Republic)
Steel Reserve (United States)
High Gravity
Triple Export
Tyskie (Poland)

Okay… so that’s a lot of beer. But let’s take a look at A-B/InBev’s Catalog (And note, it’s likely that I’ve missed a few). Take special note to find out what beer you thought was independently or privately owned is actually run by these guys. For example, I did not know that Alexander Keith’s, Bass, and Kokonee were all InBev products.