How much does a person spend on food per day?

As I sat thinking about yesterday’s post on recession pounds, a few people documented how much money they were spending per week no food, and detailing whether or not they could eat well on said amount.

This brings up a fairly important question – How much, on average, for Americans spend on food in any given week? For the answer, I had to turn to the Consumer Expenditure Report for 2007, released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here’s what they say.

A consumer unit, defined as 2.5 people, spent $6,133 on average for the year 2007. That roughly translates to $2453.20 per person annually, $47.17 weekly, or almost $6.74 per day.

To put it another way, if your spending $100 a week for two people, your slightly above average in your food expenditures when compared to the nation as a whole.

To be honest, I’m a bit stunned by the number, thinking it would be a bit larger.