How the New Accidental Hedonist Will Work

Okay, so here’s how the new site will work – I will have, at a minimum, three different topics that I am working on. One that I am working on for myself, one that I am working on with my friends, and one that (hopefully) you, the readers can participate. This last bit has yet to be fully worked out, as I would like you, the reader, to participate in as many of the topics as you, the reader, desire.

Each topic will be covered here at for 9 months (give or take a month or so, specifically for these early topics). At the end of the nine months, I will ask myself one question: Do I feel as if I have a good grasp of the topic at hand? If yes, I retire the topic. If no, I ask another question: Am I bored of the topic, or do I want to explore further? If bored, I retired the topic, if I wish to explore further, then I sign myself up for another 9 months on the topic, bringing you, the reader along.

Oh, and I should define that a “topic” is really nothing more than a person, place, or thing that lends itself to an interesting trip at the end of nine months. Again, I’m still playing with this aspect of the plans, so bear with me, as I may alter this core definition.

In between the announcement of the new topic to research and the end of the nine months (which should result in a trip of some sort), any aspect of said topic is up for posts and discussions. For example. if the topic would be Charles Dickens, I could read a few of his books, perhaps a biography, maybe watch a movie adaptation, read scholarly dissertations, and, in the end, visit London. Along the way, I will let you, the readers, (as well as my friends here locally), know what I am doing before I do it. The goal is to have as many people who desire to, to participate along with me, and (most importantly) , and create a dialogue about the mediums consumed regarding the topic, as well as the overarching discussion of the topic itself.

This will be done via both posts on this here site, as well as a yet-to-be-implemented forum.

Yeah, now my plan is starting to sound a little convoluted, I know. trust me, it will make more sense in application than in theory.

That is it in a nutshell. I want to see if I can create a website that doesn’t rely on the news of the minute, but instead involves careful and intentional research to allow the creation of context and understanding of subjects that interest both me and the audience.

I have no idea if this is going to work, but I know that I’m going to enjoy the journey regardless.

Next Post: The first topics!