How to boil water

I’m not being snarky here (snarky = to be a prentetious, patronizing butthead). There is great debate on what is the proper way to brew/steep tea. You will need the following:

  • tea kettle
  • ceramic or porcelin tea pot
  • tea strainer
  • A cup from which to drink

The steps are as follows:

1). Using non-chlorinated water. (I’m serious about this bit, more than any. Chlorinated tap water makes a bigger difference in tea than it does in water alone).
2) Pour water into tea kettle and bring to either a) a boil if your making black tea…or b) almost to a boil if your making green tea.

3) While water is heating, put a tea spoon full of tea for every cup of tea you wish to make (sheesh.. sorry about that) into the tea pot. If you want to be British or Irish in your tea making, add one additional tea spoon of tea for the pot. This will insure a deeper taste of flavor, sometimes to the detriment of the tea, but that’s those crazy brits for you. (NOTE: Do NOT use that metal tea infuser that comes with all tea pots. Let the tea leaves sneak there ways to every area of the pot to ensure that you get an even steep. Use the infuser for something more practical…such as a small cage for house flys)
4) Once the water arrives at the temperature you need, pour water from kettle into tea pot.

5) Allow to steep. Get out your timer (You DO have a timer don’t you???). Black teas need to steep for three minutes, green teas for two.
6) Pour tea into cup, using a tea strainer to catch tea leves.

7) Drink and feel superior to all those folks still drinking tea made with tea bags.

That’s it. Enjoy!

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