How to Order Coffee in Italy

Pay attention, because many things you take for granted may not work when ordering Coffee in Italy.

  • - Caffè: When not at home, this means what we Yanks conisder to be an espresso.
  • - Lungo (long): Roughly twice as much water is let through the ground coffee, giving the shot a weaker taste.
  • - Ristretto (restricted): less water in the shot, yielding a stronger taste.
  • - Doppio (double): simply two espressos in one cup.
  • - Corretto (corrected): Corrected, that is, with grappa or brandy.
  • - Americano (American): Espresso shots diluted with hot water, this is still a different taste than our typical drip coffee we get a diners.
  • - Caffè Macchiato (stained): with a drop of steamed milk. I’m presuming that “stained” is not a compliment.
  • - Caffè con panna (with cream): with cream on top
  • - Affogato: Served over ice cream or gelato
  • - Cappuccino: A breakfast coffee. 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 frothed milk. After 10 am, only children and tourists drink cappuccino.
  • - Caffè latte: Cappuccino with little or no foam.
  • - Marocchino: Cappuccino with less milk.
  • - Schiuma: The aformentioned crema; the dense foam that forms on the top of espresso.

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