HR 4167 Passes the House

Details can be found here. No evidence of movement on this bill in the Senate. Chances are good that this will not get to be law this session. If that happens, count on it being brought up again in the next Congress.

Meanwhile the Grocery Manufacturers Association says that the opponents of HR 4167 are, quite frankly, full of it. For 20 points, can anyone tell me the logical inconsistency of GMA president and CEO C. Manly Molpus’s statement that I pulled from the linked Press Release? (HINT: Look in the second paragraph.)

“Consumers deserve accurate information about the merits of this legislation. Unfortunately, they are unlikely to get it because some opponents have chosen to launch a misleading and factually incorrect assault on this bill. The opponents of the National Uniformity for Food Act continue to misinterpret its intent and substance.

“In fact, the bill will strengthen the existing state-federal partnership on food safety to the benefit of consumers nationwide. By providing consistent, science-based food safety standards and warning requirements, all consumers will be able to have confidence in the safety of the food supply and the information on food labels — regardless of where they live”

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